Artificial intelligence

At the service of security and defense

Artificial intelligence

At the service of security and defense

The future in surveillance

Technical  characteristics


of work

-40°C a +70°C

Stabilization of

150mv night vision image


of environment

From multiple

sensors that allow

safe navigation.

System of

military communication

Coverage application via Mesh.

Transfer rate up to

100 Mbps for audio and video.



Configurable sensors

depending on the need

of the mission.

Benefits for the company

  • Improvement in the quality of data collection.

  • Increase in the quality of security, both perimeter and internal to S&H.

  • You can learn specific tasks required by the client.

  • The risk of attack on personnel disappears while they patrol the perimeter.

  • Works in any terrain and weather conditions.

  • Solve the problem of absence from work.

  • Reduction of labor costs.

  • Improvement in control and production processes.


  • Traditional Industries, Forestry.
  • Surveillance Companies.
  • Energy Sector: Mining, Oil and Energy
  • Transportation.
  • Airports and Ports.
  • Public Security: Armed
  • Forces, Gendarmerie, Police and
  • Municipalities.
  • Banking and Financial Institutions.
  • Logistics and Transportation.
  • Prisons and Penitentiary Centers, Hospitals.
  • Entertainment: Hotels, Casinos, Theme and Amusement Parks and Stadiums.
  • Enclosures. Closed neighborhoods.

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UGV Scout was designed and built to provide support in harsh environments.

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